Wailer, a commitment to Man and Nature

At Wailer, as in sports, the brand's favorite field, the team transcends the sum of its individualities. The 3 founders are a concrete example of this. Olivier Maubert, Cédric Messina and Fabien Giausseran, are driven by a common vision: it is time for the sportsman in particular and Man in general to regain his great physiological balance. It is time to take advantage of the benefits of Mother Earth and the latest advances in dermocosmetics, in the perpetual quest for "better well-being" on a daily basis.

More than just a cream, an "art of living the sport".

First French cream with natural CBD, thought and designed especially for all sportsmen, Wailer was born from the association of specialized expertise on the knowledge of natural extracts and their benefits (hemp extracts in particular), the dermo-cosmetic sector and sports practice. A winning combination for an innovative product, fighting pain and stress, respectful of the body and without addiction. A creation based on a perfect control of the production chain, from the plant to the finished product, for a quality, an effectiveness and a safety assured to the consumer.

The pooling of visions

First of all, that of Olivier Maubert, one of the founders of Wailer and manager of the world leader in natural raw materials Robertet. His expertise ensures the sourcing of ingredients whose quality, traceability and regulatory compliance meet the highest standards of the natural products industry. The experience combined with a local partner in cosmetic applications allows us to magnify the bioavailability of these ingredients through a unique and patented formulation.

Cédric Messina
Fabien Giausseran

Guarantee the efficiency and safety of the athlete

A traditional expertise completed with agility by 2 co-founders: Cédric Messina, founder of MyCoach, who knows and masters the challenges of the sports world, and Fabien Giausseran, deputy director at Robertet, expert in innovative solutions and techniques in the cosmeceutical field. This cream was developed with the help of experts, users and professionals from the world of sports and health. Among them, Christophe Geoffroy, physiotherapist recognized in high-level sports, author of books (on the themes of sports, physical recovery and ailments due to strenuous occupations) and university lecturer brought not only his knowledge but also his passion and his attachment to natural products and their benefits to develop, test and validate the Wailer cream.