Wailer, the natural cream for physiotherapists

Sports physiotherapists are the best allies of athletes when it comes to recovery or reathletization. Offering an alternative to painkillers to act more gently on the body of athletes has become a real challenge for medical staff.

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A natural treatment for your sports patients

Wailer combines its three main areas of expertise: knowledge of natural extracts and their benefits, the dermo-cosmetic sector and sports practice; to offer physiotherapists and their sports patients a unique and natural recovery cream.

Taking into account the specificities of the athlete and his need for balance means respecting him.


Essential oil of Gaultheria


Peppermint essential oil

hemp extract

Hemp extract


of natural products


traceable and made in France

more effective than a classic cream

A cream that anticipates and soothes muscle pain


Soothes muscle and joint pain


Prevents aches and pains

Prepares the muscles for the effort

After exercise: the recovery cream that soothes muscle pain

As a physiotherapist, you know better than we do, the body of the athlete needs to recover as well as possible after an intense training or a competition. Wailer cream can be perfectly integrated into the recovery process of your sports patients.

The Wailer recovery cream is applied directly after the effort for an immediate action on the muscles and joints:

  • Apply with light massages on the concerned areas
  • Can be repeated as often as necessary to aid recovery
  • Is compatible with all skin types

Before the effort: the Wailer cream prepares the muscles of the sportsmen

The Wailer cream is not only a sports recovery cream. It is also very effective in use before the effort to prevent the possible muscular pains due to the repetition of movements during the trainings.

Wailer cream

  • Ideal for massage
    before, during and
    after the effort

  • Refreshing effect

  • Does not stick
    and does not stain

  • Repeat
    as many times
    as necessary

A natural treatment for your sports patients

The development of this cream was done with the assistance of experts, users, professionals from the world of sport and health. Among them, Christophe Geoffroy, a recognized physiotherapist in high-level sports, author of books (on the themes of sports, physical recovery and aches and pains due to strenuous occupations) and university lecturer, contributed not only his knowledge, but also his passion and his attachment to natural products and their benefits in order to develop, test and validate Wailer cream.