Wailer, the natural sports recovery cream

Like training, sports care is one of the pillars of performance. With Wailer Recovery Cream, you can maintain full control of your body and restore the balance of your physiological mechanisms.


Soothes muscle and joint pain


Prevents aches and pains

Prepares the muscles for the effort

A natural and technical composition for performance

Sports performance is at the heart of Wailer's concerns. Thanks to a composition made of 98% natural products and a technicality that meets the needs of all athletes, Wailer combines performance and well-being through its sports recovery cream.


Essential oil of Gaultheria


Peppermint essential oil

hemp extract

Hemp extract


of natural products


traceable and made in France

more effective than a classic cream

Before, during and after physical effort

The Wailer recovery cream does not only relieve your muscles after the effort! It is also useful before and during your physical effort. An efficient alternative to classic painkillers!


  • The Wailer cream before the effort: allows to prepare the muscles to the physical effort and to prevent the possible pains bound to your sporting practice.
  • The Wailer cream during exercise: allows to relieve instantly the small pains which can appear during the practice of sport and to avoid the post-training injuries
  • The cream Wailer after the effort: alleviates and refreshes the tired and congested muscles after an intense physical effort. Thanks to the extract of hemp and the essential oil of Gaulthérie, the cream of recovery Wailer acts on the muscular and articular pains in order to calm them. Added to that, the refreshing effect brought by the essential oil of peppermint which activates the thermoreceptors of the skin.

Wailer, the natural reflex of athletes in search of performance

Wailer cream

  • Ideal for massage
    before, during and
    after the effort

  • Refreshing effect

  • Does not stick
    and does not stain

  • Repeat
    as many times
    as necessary

Instant penetration for optimal recovery

The broad spectrum hemp extract and the microemulsion process used in the manufacture of the Wailer cream, allows it to penetrate the skin of the athlete directly after application. The muscles, still affected by the effort, are then prepared to recover well!