Wailer, a unique and transparent composition

Wailer sports recovery cream is composed of three ingredients with ancestral medicinal virtues. Thanks to 100% natural active ingredients and 100% traceable CBD, Wailer cream is a transparent product.

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  • Essential oil
    of wintergreen

  • CBD of natural origin

  • Essential oil
    of peppermint

Natural components

For Wailer, CBD is a belief

Recognized for its ancestral benefits, it focuses on both anticipating muscle pain and soothing it. CBD: 

  • Acts as a regulator
  • Allows you to maintain full control of your body
  • Allows the recovery of the great balances of the physiological mechanisms

Hemp, from which CBD is extracted, is a plant that requires little water, light, fertilizer and respects the soil.

For Wailer, CBD is a belief

To best meet the needs of body aches and pains, Wailer offers a combination of natural products which, when coupled together, provide Wailer cream with an immediate, long-lasting soothing and recovery effect.

Essential oil of Gaultheria

Benefits in terms of pain management

Peppermint essential oil

Cooling and soothing properties


natural active ingredients


traceable and made in France

more effective than a cream with the same CBD content

Unique technical processes, in strict control and respect of legality

Wailer CBD Cream

Wailer cream contains broad spectrum CBD

The CBD present in the Wailer sports recovery cream, comes from the complete extraction of the plant which, once concentrated and purified, is rid of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, psychoactive molecules prohibited in cannabis. CBD benefits from the surrounding effect created by the interaction of the different terpenes and other authorized cannabinoids, without the psychoactive effects. All extraction processes are carried out in certified environments that scrupulously respect all regulatory, environmental and societal constraints.

An efficient process: the microemulsion

It promotes the bioavailability of ingredients and allows instant penetration. Thus, the broad spectrum and the microemulsion multiply the action of the Wailer sports recovery cream, which is 7 times more effective than a cream with equal CBD content.