Wailer, the natural recovery cream for sports

Wailer is above all the knowledge of natural extracts and their benefits for the body of sportsmen. Wailer cream is based on natural extracts of gaultheria, hemp and peppermint to offer you a cream that respects your body and nature.

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  • Essential oil
    of wintergreen

  • CBD of natural origin

  • Essential oil
    of peppermint

Natural products to boost the recovery of athletes

The essential oil of wintergreen to better manage its muscle pain

Most often used in oil, this miracle plant has already proven itself in the world of sports for its benefits in terms of pain management. Its richness in methyl salicylate is known to relieve muscle and joint pain, as well as rheumatism and tendonitis.

Peppermint and its soothing properties

Peppermint essential oil is known for its fresh and pleasant smell. Used in traditional medicine for several centuries, it has cooling properties that provide a feeling of intense freshness, as well as soothing properties against headaches and muscle pain.