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Nice Matin

"Nice-based startup Wailer, which officially launched [...] its natural CBD cream, proves once again that alliance is strength... and innovation."

Nice Matin

"Wailer brand CBD cream was thought up by sportsmen and specially formulated for use by sportsmen."

20 Minutes

"It's not a drug, it's a cosmetic product," says the entrepreneur. But its potential is validated by a "study under dermatological control". According to 90.48% of athletes who were asked by the brand to test the product, the latter would indeed have "a soothing effect, immediate and lasting, recovering after exercise."

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"Azureans, including Cedric Messina, the Nice-based founder of the MyCoach application, have just developed Wailer, a product that contains hemp flowers, no psychotropic substances and two essential oils."

The Tribune

"Created to address the world of high-level sports as well as everyday life, this product is the result of several expertises, notably in chemical engineering. Designed in Grasse, it incorporates hemp as well as essential oils, claiming the status of a natural product."

Nice Matin

"Due to their affinity to endocannabinoid systems, the CBD in Wailer cosmetics, connects to CB1 receptors, making it an excellent product to relieve and heal pain."

Nice Radio

"Wailer cream is intended in particular for athletes of all levels, as a massage before or after exercise. But also to anyone who has a physical job for example."

Les Echos

"France is the leading producer of hemp in Europe, so there is a real industrial logic to promoting a sector that is also sustainable," notes Olivier Maubert, extolling the virtues of this miraculous plant that needs no water or inputs and fertilizes the earth."

Wailer podcast France bleu Azur
France Bleu Azur

"Wailer is a muscle relaxant [...] with essential oils: wintergreen for pain relief, peppermint to soothe and activate the thermoreceptors of the muscle and CBD to come and multiply these active agents."

Our Wailer Ambassadors

Manon Fiorot

"Just days before UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi on October 22, during which Manon Fiorot could become the first French woman to win the UFC gold belt in her category, Wailer is announcing this partnership with the Nice-based fighter who competes with the Nice Boxing Squad."

Our press releases

March 2022

Wailer launches a natural and technological cream, based on CBD, to relieve muscle and joint pain

October 2022

Nice-based start-up Wailer enters the cage with MMA fighter Manon Fiorot