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Advanced Natural CBD Sport Cream


3 reviews for Advanced Natural Sport Cream 250mL

  1. Jules Loewert -

    A product really very pleasant to use. A feeling of comfort and soothing in an immediate way and the alleviation of muscular or tendinous pains. I was able to use the cream for inflammations of type periostes or tendinitis and the action is immediate, but also directly after the effort and I have the impression to be light tower, it is very appreciable. Thank you for this great product that has become a must for my preparation...

  2. Hugo Loewert -

    At the top! Great product. The cream is very nice and provides a real feeling of comfort immediately. The massage remains important so that the components can act on the muscles...

  3. Patrick ALBERTINI -

    I'm more than satisfied with this cream. After having tried a multitude of treatments to alleviate the various aches and pains associated with the sports I do, the wailer cream is simple and pleasant to apply, with immediate effects. Bravo to those who designed it to revolutionize the world of sports. I'm addicted. Always a tube with me!

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